Getting Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet

One of the biggest worries people have when they go vegan is whether or not they will get enough protein in their diet, as people often think that meat is the best source. However, there are many other sources of protein that you can choose from should you decide to go vegan.

Rather than eating fruits, focus on having plenty of leafy greens, grains, legumes and more.

Some great sources of protein include:

1. Legumes – like beans and lentils
2. High protein grains – such as quinoa, amaranth, and spelt
3. High protein vegetables – such as spinach, broccoli, and kale

When sticking to a vegan diet, it’s important to make sure you’re receiving enough nutrients. Always pay attention to warning signs that the body will give off when it’s not getting enough protein. Two of the main symptoms are dry skin and very little muscle mass.

Keep these in mind and you’ll be on your way to a healthy vegan diet!

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