5 Super Simple Exercises That Totally Work

To get fit in 2019, you don’t really need an expensive gym membership, a ton of fancy equipment or even a big outdoor area. If you want to start toning your body and improving your shape, it is easier than you think. Start with the 5 super simple exercises in this article, and you will be on your way to the bod you want. No equipment, no membership required. 



Lunges are one of the most effective exercises for toning your thighs and buttocks. To perform a proper lunge, stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step forward with one foot and bend your front leg to bring your body forward, while bending your back knee down to the floor. Do this in a straight line. Keep your front knee over your heel, and don’t pass your toes. Come back up almost to standing, and switch with the other leg. Take this exercise up a notch by holding small hand hand weights as you perform lunges.

Cross-Body Crunches

Tone your stomach and waist muscles with cross-body crunches. This is a simple and traditional exercise, and it works on your abs as well as your obliques. Put your hands behind your head, elbows bent, while laying on your back. Bring your head and torso up toward the ceiling without pulling on your head or neck. Bend one knee up and bring it toward your body while twisting to meet the knee with your opposite elbow. Your legs will go straight out. Return to your start position, and repeat the action on the other side. After completing this exercise and feeling like you want to move to the next level, try doing the cross sit up without resting back on the ground (start position),  and after you master that you can outstretch your legs lower to the ground to get more core work. 

Glute Kickbacks

Want to tone up your bottom and thighs? Do it with glute kickbacks, a simple exercise you can perform on any flat surface. First, get into all fours by putting your hands and your knees on the floor. Your knees and hands should be about shoulder-width apart. Keeping your knee bent, lift one leg up. Repeat on the other side. Small repetitions will target those hard to tone areas. It’s just that easy to start sculpting a more gorgeous backside.

Elbow Plank

Build up your core and arm strength with elbow planks. This exercise is very simple, but you’re definitely going to feel the burn, so to speak. Place your bent elbows on the ground beneath you at 90-degree angles. Point your toes to the ground and use them to anchor your body. Lift up, supporting your weight on your arms, to bring your entire body off the ground. Hold the plank, and you will feel this total body workout. 

V Crunches

Target your core and your abdominal muscles with V crunches. They’re more intense than regular crunches and the motion is simple, though it can be difficult until you build up some core strength. Put your hands behind your head or crossed in front of your chest, and lay on your back. Put your feet together and extend your toes. Simultaneously lift your torso and your legs up off the ground while keeping your buttocks firmly planted. Once you can perform V crunches without too much strain, you can do a 3 step process and spread your legs when you get to the top, then place them back together and return to the floor.

A Better Body

The fitness industry is big business, and there are a lot of myths out there that you need special machines and all kinds of gear to get into shape. You don’t. Perform simple exercises the right way, and you can start building a better body without all those extras.

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