How to Avoid Holiday Dessert Temptations This Year

The holiday season is full of sweet treats. Pies, cakes, cookies and all sorts of desserts and fancy drinks are everywhere all through fall and winter, and it’s easy to get tempted. Instead of trying to totally deny yourself, swap out those holiday desserts with something lower in calories to satisfy your sweet tooth and kill all those cravings.

Pumpkin Pie

There’s pumpkiny goodness everywhere during the holiday season. Pumpkin pie definitely leads the charge, but the season is swamped with coffee drinks, milkshakes and too many tempting choices to list. When you know you’re going to crave those wonderful pumpkin flavors, scratch the itch with some simple, low-cal swaps.

Instead of pumpkin pie, make small pumpkin pancakes. This sweet treat will give you a burst of fall flavor. Get the same creamy texture of pumpkin pie with pumpkin custard. Make your own pumpkin frozen yogurt with plain Greek yogurt, or bake up a pumpkin flan. In lots of recipes, all these delicious desserts are under 200 calories per serving, way less than what you’ll get from a single slice of pumpkin pie.

Sugar Cookies

Cute, decorated cookies are a staple of the holiday season. They’re at the office, they’re at friends’ houses, they’re at holiday parties — they’re everywhere! It’s easy to pick up one and start nibbling, but don’t. Instead of sugar cookies, make meringues. They’re lower in calories and have a marshmallow-like texture, with plenty of sweetness to kill that sugar craving.


From the fruitcakes to layered chocolate cakes to every other kind of cake, you’ll be very tempted before the season is over. During this time of year, you can actually have your cake and eat it, too. Bake an angel food cake, which is made without without egg yolks or milk. It’s a naturally low-calorie cake, and it has a delicate texture that’s always nice.


Ah, cobbler. It’s a traditional holiday treat and it’s made with fruit, which makes it seem safe. It’s not. Cobbler is packed with calories, from the filling to the crust. Swap out that piece of cobbler with a beautiful dish of berries and cream. Whipped cream is very low in calories, and fresh berries have a natural sweetness that needs no extra sugar.


Fudge is always tempting, but there’s so much more of it during the holidays. Fudge is out there in every flavor during November and December. Don’t eat it! A single piece of fudge is jam-packed with calories that you don’t need. Instead, eat a dish of chocolate pudding. It has a silky texture and it’s full of chocolate flavor, but it’s got way fewer calories.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just about everyone has a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and they’re everywhere during the holidays. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the most popular cookies, and it’s easy to love them. But it’s better to resist them. Cut down on calories with oatmeal cookies instead.


Eggnog is served at just about every holiday party, and its limited availability makes it a decadent treat. But eggnog has an extremely high fat and calorie content, even in one little glass. While everyone else sips on eggnog, enjoy a smoothie. A vanilla or pumpkin flavor is perfect for a holiday treat. Smoothies are filling, and much healthier than eggnog.

Avoiding Temptation

Holiday desserts and sweets are going to be everywhere no matter what. Instead of completely depriving yourself, go ahead and satisfy those treat urges the right way. Swap out the really unhealthy stuff for low-cal alternatives, because everyone deserves a few holiday treats.

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