18 Years Later, We’re Still Trying to Copy Brittany Murphy’s Style in Uptown Girls

image via thrillist via mgm distribution co.

Who What Wear recently reminded us it has been 18 years since the film Uptown Girls was released. How!? If you aren’t familiar with the movie, it centers around Molly Gunn (the late Brittany Murphy), who is living her best charmed, free-spirited life after her father, a famous musician, dies and leaves her his fortune. Upon finding out her father’s accountant has embezzled her money, she becomes a nanny for Ray (a young Dakota Fanning), a seriously type A kiddo. Romance, life lessons, catchy tunes…this film has it all! Today, we’re taking a look back at our favorite ’fits from the film.

(image via thrillist via mgm distribution co.)

We’re starting with this iconic ensemble: the coveted midi dress with a ton of embroidery. This outfit encapsulates Molly’s carefree, colorful spirit in the movie.

(image via my slightly messy life)

Of course, Molly owned multiple embellished dresses. We have no place to wear this dress, but we wouldn’t pass up the chance to buy it if we found it in a shop.

(image via my slightly messy life)

The things we would have done to attend Molly Gunn’s garage sale. Can you imagine the treasures? This little white number was the way her style was: all over the place yet somehow put together.

(image via access online)

This outfit is pretty mild compared to the others, but it’s all about how Molly wears the piece in this film. Her personality shines through, whether she’s in an all-over beaded dress or a simple ruffled skirt and eyelet top.

(image via rolling stone)

The film’s iconic theme park scenes made us want to spin and spin until we totally lost it. Maybe it was the use of color, but whatever the costume designer was thinking for this outfit: We’re right there with them.

(image via imdb ©2003 metro goldwyn mayer)

This dress was undoubtedly trendy in the early 2000s. Do we still remember this exact scene as Molly spins around Ray’s room trying to loosen her up a little bit? Yes. And did we want this exact dress? Yes. And will we continue to search for a similar dress in hopes of one day re-creating this scene? Also yes.

This film was more than just a rom-com with catchy tunes. In a lot of ways, Uptown Girls taught us about living a carefree life. It also inspired us to wear what we want with all the confidence in the world.

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