How to Recycle Your Shoes

Recycling is such a simple thing to incorporate into your life, and it has such a huge positive impact on the environment that everyone should attempt to try to recycle whenever it’s possible to do so. Recycling clothes and shoes typically involve taking your old belongings to a clothing bank and dropping them there, but here is everything you need to know about recycling your shoes.

Take to A Recycling Bank 

One way you can recycle your old shoes is to take them to your nearest shoe and clothing bank. You can usually take quite a large amount of shoes and deposit them here for them to be collected and then recycled. Remember to tie your shoes together (if possible) before placing them inside the recycling bank, as this makes it easier for those handling them to organize your shoes into pairs.

Donate Your Shoes 

As well as taking your shoes to a recycling bank, you also have the option to donate them. Technically, this is still recycling as the shoes are still being reused rather than thrown away. Many people prefer to give their old shoes to a charity shop or homeless shelter of their choice to personally make a difference.

Bag and Weigh 

Another option for recycling your shoes is to take them to a recycling center that weighs them in exchange for cash per KG. Pop all of your old pairs of shoes into a bag and take them to your nearest drop-off. Your shoes will then be organized and weighed, and you will be given cash depending on how much your items weighed. These are all ways to get something back for what you give, without just putting your old belongings in the bin.

  1. I definitely have way too many shoes. I need to donate. I’m off work due to the coronavirus. I have a lot of time in my hands so I’m SPRING cleaning now. Lysol & Clorox & re organizing. Shoe clean out time. I will donate to our local women’s shelter.

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