Your Step By Step Guide To Recovering Hungover Skin

We all know that alcohol isn’t great for basically anything—your liver, your mood, and your productivity the next day. Yet alcohol consumption often claims another victim that goes without mention, and that’s the glowing skin you work hard to get. For most of us, never having the occasional boozy night just isn’t realistic, and that’s okay, but what’s not okay is the hangover skin we have to deal with the next day. Can you have the best of both worlds? We will certainly try. Here’s a step-by-step guide to recovering hangover skin.

Step Zero: Before you make it to step one, remember that hungover skin starts before the hangover—as soon as you drink, begin working to recover your soon to be hungover skin too. You can preemptively help your skin the day after by consuming as much water during drinking and once you get home for the night. Pro-Tip: Coconut water is extra hydrating and will help revamp your skin better than plain water. 

Step One: You wake up from the party the night before, your skin is not happy, and you can see it. The first step to recovering your hungover skin is to make sure you all your make-up from the night before is removed. Push through the morning headache and follow your morning skincare routine but add a face mask as your skin will be begging for more TLC. The aptly named X-treme Hangover Mask from Rodial is the best hangover mask on the market.

Step Two: As impossible as it might feel, hold yourself back from the temptation of diving into a haven of carbs and choose something that will help rehydrate your body, like smoothies and fruit. Now is the perfect time to go full L.A. and sip that over-priced turmeric-apple-carrot fresh-pressed juice.

Step Three: When you turn in for the night, it’s time to give your skin that extra TLC. Use de-puffing eye gels to help reduce the inflammation and puffiness in your skin induced by alcohol.

The day after a night of drinking can often make us wonder why we put ourselves through that puffy, hungover skin for a few hours of fun. With this step-by-step guide, you can try to make peace with your skin after these long nights.

  1. I definitely need to try. I’m not a heavy drinker but my eyes are super puffy in the morning if i drink the night before. I need to try this hangover mask.

    1. Yes, this hangover mask will help with puffiness, but be sure to avoid the eye area. For puffy eyes, we recommend placing a cold spoon on your closed eyes!

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