What is “Liquid Hair,” and How Can You Get It?

Instyle.com describes liquid hair as “a style that’s so shiny, glossy, and straight that it looks like water.” You might also call it “glass hair.” Here are a few tips on how to get the look that celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are rocking these days.

Preparation Is Key

It’s all about prep. If your hair isn’t healthy, it will never be perfectly smooth and silky. A nourishing set of shampoo and conditioner well-suited to your hair type will be vital to properly achieving the liquid look. If your hair is naturally straight, you can let it air dry, but if you have curls or waves, you might want to blow-dry it section by section with a brush. Don’t forget heat protectant, which will kill frizz and give you a great base for your straightener to enhance.


Even if you didn’t blow-dry your hair, applying a heat protectant before this step is important. You’ll want to warm up your flat iron and carefully run it through each section of hair to create a smooth finish.

Add Some Shine

Liquid hair is not only about being straight and smooth; it’s about shining like a pool of water. And getting that perfect shine is heavily dependent on using the right products! Leave-in products with multiple benefits are best, but it will ultimately depend on your hair’s health and texture. For example, a product with hold will be beneficial if your natural texture isn’t straight, but a nourishing product may be better suited if your hair is damaged or color-treated.

Our Pick: Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Hair Cream ($52, shop here)

This hair cream is known for being extremely hydrating yet light – so your hair doesn’t look stringy or weighed down. It also protects from heat and environmental factors. Plus, of course, it also adds a lot of shine to the look. You can also use this cream to tame stubborn frizz and crazy flyaways; just smooth a small amount onto problem areas.

Finish It Off

Once your hair is sleek, it’s time to lock in the look. Use hairspray or shine spray with hold, like customer-favorite Amika Top Gloss Hair Shine Spray ($25, shop here). Plenty of reviewers rave about the product, which seals in styling and smells amazing.

Now that you know how to create a perfectly smooth liquid hair look, all you need to figure out is where and when you’ll be rocking it!

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