Why and How to “Slug” Your Face

“Slugging” is a trending technique touted for keeping skin smooth and supple. But what does it mean? And how is it done? Here, we’ll discuss why and how to slug your face.

What Is Slugging?

This skincare hack comes from Korean beauty practices but was recently popularized in the West thanks to TikTok. And before you ask, no, there are no actual slugs involved! Instead, slugging gets its name from the slimy texture similar to that of the mucus coating that keeps a slug from drying up. Rather than slug mucus, this skincare trick involves applying a thick coat of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) before bed.

Why Would I Slug My Face?

We know what you’re thinking: Why would you want to clog your pores with Vaseline? Actually, the American Academy of Dermatology assures that petroleum jelly is good for your skin – as it has a remarkable ability to moisturize and revive dryness. It can even be used on your lips and eyelids! The key is to wash it off properly the next morning to prevent irritation. One thing we need to warn you about is that the practice of slugging can contribute to acne. Petroleum jelly itself doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts, but it can trap oil and bacteria on your face.

How to Slug

Now that you know why slathering petroleum jelly on your face can be beneficial, let’s talk about how to do it correctly (and avoid trapping irritants).

First, wash your face. This is the most important step in warding off acne and irritation, so don’t skip it! As always, we recommend a gentle cleanser without scents or dyes. Next, use washed hands to apply any moisturizing serums you use. Slugging is especially effective when paired with moisturizing skincare products you already see success with!

Next, apply your go-to moisturizer. This might be your daily gentle moisturizer or a special night formula like a mask. Use it as you would normally.

Now it’s time for the main event: the slugging! Dip into the jar of petroleum jelly with clean hands, then apply an ample amount to your face, creating a thick, even layer. (Beware that it might stain silk pillowcases.) Lastly, rinse it all off with water and a gentle cleanser to remove in the morning.

There’s no need to be disturbed by the mention of slugs in today’s skincare trends. Slugging is a beauty practice that can revive suffering skin with a low-cost product!

Have you tried slugging? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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