Take Care Of Your Skin This Fall

Fall brings about major changes in a lot of ways. Instead of wearing as little as possible, you’re layering to stay warm. You trade shorts, minis and summer dresses for pants. Sun hats for sweater caps. And sandals for boots.

Our wardrobe makes a full change — but do you know what else should change with it? Our skincare!

You shouldn’t do the same thing to your skin all year long.  In the summer, you’re protecting against UV rays. In the fall, you’re protecting against UV rays and wind chill at the same time.

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or combination of both will determine some of the changes you make, but there are some universal tips that are important regardless of your skin type.

Take a look at this list of changes you wan’t to make this fall so you take the best care possible of your skin…

Limit Hot Showers

Taking long hot baths and showers feels really good when it’s chilly outside, but prolonged exposure to heat will dry out your skin. This is a time when you actually want to limit the amount of time your’e in a hot steamy room.

Avoid Harsh Soaps

Hopefully, you aren’t ever using harsh soaps. But if you are, this is the time to check the ingredients of what you’re using. Are there a bunch of foreign ingredients on the bottle? This is an indicator that your soap is harsh and will dry your skin out. Pro tip: Opt for fragrance free cleansers.

Check Your Moisturizer

If you have oily skin, adding more oil to your routine could be a recipe for disaster. You want to make sure that you’re getting the extra moisture you need without going over board.

On the other hand, if you suffer from dry skin, you may need a lot more this time of year. Which ever end of the spectrum you fall in, use that as your guide when trying out a new moisturizer.


As you heat your home up, your skin could become dehydrated. Look into getting a good humidifier that will help prevent chapped skin.

Consume Omega 3s

Keep your skin glowing by consuming even more Omega 3s. You can find them in capsule form, or you can get them in foods such as salmon and walnuts.

Drink Plenty of Water

Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with water! You may have consumed a lot in the summer, but you have to consume just as much in the winter. This is actually the single most effective way to keep your skin supple during the cold months.

Jessica E. Williams

Jessica is a fun-loving free spirit. She's a writer that covers all sorts of genres. In her spare time, she's enjoying her family and contemplating the deeper meaning of life.

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  1. Thanks for your newsletter .apprieciate the feedback on skincare.Im a women over 50 and my skincare is becoming vitally an important factor.In regards to my health

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