Easy Makeup Tricks for Perfect Contouring

The right contouring gives your face definition and uses light and shadow to amplify your beauty, but it can be hard to apply. Put contour highlights and shading in the wrong places on your face or apply incorrectly, and you’ll just look silly. Use these simple tricks to contour perfectly every time, and look stunning day and night.

How is Your Face Shaped?

Do you have a round, square, oval or heart-shaped face? First, take a good look at yourself in the mirror to determine your face shape. When you know what shape your face is, you’ll know where to place your contouring makeup.

Where to Contour

Round faces, which have fuller cheeks and short chins, should be highlighted between the eyebrows, down the bridge of the nose and at the center of the chin. Add shading under the cheekbones and down to the jaw. Square faces with sharper angles and more prominent jaws use a similar contouring technique, but with additional highlights at the top of each cheek and shading that extends down the sides of the face and along the jawline to end just at the chin.

Oblong faces with sharp chins should be highlighted at the tops of the cheeks and between the eyebrows. Apply shading on the tip of the chin and along the cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces need only a little highlight in the dip of the chin, just above the point. Shading should be applied along the sides of the face, at the tip of the chin and along the hairline. Highlight oval faces above the tip of the chin, on the tops of cheeks, between the brows and along the bridge of the nose. Place shading in a triangle shape under the cheekbones extending to the sides of the face.


Contouring is only perfect if it is perfectly blended. Use a brush to blend your contour well so that it looks natural. Once you get into the habit of applying your contour, this will become an easy step in your makeup routine.

Perfect Contouring

Apply contour based on your face type, blend it well and give yourself a gorgeous finished look. With a perfect contouring technique, you’ll have perfect makeup every time.

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