The Truth Behind Sheet Masks

If you are new to the skincare world, you might be wondering…what is the deal with these sheet masks? The sheet mask craze first hit the world in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. With these sheet masks, however, comes a surprising truth, as you’ll see in a minute.

  1. What Are Sheet Masks?

Before we dive into the truth about sheet masks, let’s go over their uses. Sheet masks are fabrics soaked in nutrition-based serums and then cut into a face-like shape. They are individual masks that are meant for one-time use. In some instances, sheet masks are also made for feet and hands.

Sheet masks come with all kinds of uses depending on what your skin needs. Before you buy the wrong sheet mask for your skin, ask yourself, what kind of skincare does your face need? Are you having a dry skin day? Maybe your skin is really oily or acne-prone? The types of masks you can find on the shelf of your local store include detoxifying, moisturizing, infused with collagen, and more.

Once you know your skin’s needs, you’ll want to choose one with the right ingredients for your skincare routine. For example, if your skin is dry and needs moisture, you’ll want to pick out a moisture mask for dry skin. If your skin is clogged or acne-prone, you’ll want a detoxifying mask or one that contains charcoal. Whatever your skin problems are, you can bet that there’s a sheet mask for it.

  1. The Strange Ingredients 

Okay, now it’s time to get into the juicy truth behind the sheets: the ingredients. It’s no secret that some masks contain strange ingredients like bee venom or snail slime. While neither sounds particularly safe or appealing, these ingredients are actually amazing for your skin!

Bee venom helps increase blood flow and collagen production (source), while snail slime helps repair skin from sun damage, acne, and aging (source). There is even a sheet mask that contains donkey milk. This very odd ingredient is packed with vitamins to help brighten and firm your skin.

  1. Where Do You Find Sheet Masks?

In recent years, sheet masks have exploded in popularity. A fad that started in Korea has now expanded all over the world. You can find sheet masks almost anywhere that skincare products are sold. Some examples of retailers include Target, Sephora, or even Walmart.

  1. How Much Are Sheet Masks

Depending on the quality of the mask and the retailer, sheet masks vary in price. While you can find most sheet masks for under $5, some rare sheet masks cost $30 or more.

  1. Are There Any Negatives?

Sheet masks are excellent for nourishing your skin, but when it comes to exfoliation, they’re not so useful. If exfoliation is needed, then you are better off buying a gentle scrub instead. Also, if you get a low-quality sheet mask, then the serum will evaporate quickly once removed from the packaging.

At the end of the day, whether you have dull, dry skin or oily, acne-prone skin, there is a sheet mask made for you, but, they have a higher negative impact on the environment than a jar of mask serum, so use them sparingly.

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