Style Tricks Give Your Wardrobe a Fresh Feel for Fall

Updating your wardrobe with a fresh feel can be as easy as adopting the latest cool-girl style tricks. Splurge on fall’s long skirts and leopard print boot trends, sure, but go for even more mileage from the wardrobe pieces you’ve already scored. It’s super simple and costs nothing to switch your shoulder bag to crossbody or belt an oversize coat or drape a jacket. Try these tips on for size, and you’ll get a new look that shows you know where style is headed for the rest of 2018.

Drape, Don’t Wear, Your Jacket

Picture the most soignée of chic Frenchwomen and you probably envision her with a soft jacket or sweater draped over her shoulders. How simple! And yet how effective at making any outfit seem infinitely more expensive and elegant. This trick works for business wear when you’re heading for the boardroom. It also dresses up jeans and sneakers when you throw a blazer over your shoulders.

Define Your Waist

Belt your coat to define your shape and focus attention on your waist. Adding a skinny belt completes your look and lends polish to even casual outfits. Use this trick to make oversize tunics, shirts and sweaters fit your frame.

Use a half-tuck to add snap to your ensemble. Tuck just the hem of one side of your shirt or sweater and you’ve got that J. Crew vibe down. Tuck a bulky sweater at the front of your jeans or skirt to give it a more glam feel.

Reinvent Your Top

Take your suit separates in a new direction by slipping on a tunic or a silky dress instead of the expected blouse. Wear your suit jacket and a pair of nude tights with your heels, boots, or flats.

Wear Your Shoulder Bag Crossbody

Here’s an instant outfit upgrade that costs nothing. Switch from wearing your bag over your shoulder to adopting the crossbody style. You’ll signal effortlessly that you know how to wear the latest style.

Tie a Scarf Around Your Neck

Let’s look again at the chicest of French and Italian women. They know that a scarf tied at the neck infinitely elevates the look of a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit, and especially over a blouse with suit pants. Pay particular attention to the way they tie a simple scarf for the most elegant effect. Find out how in our “6 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter” article!

Go Off the Shoulder

If you own a jacket that’s a little oversized, wear it slung off the shoulder to make a classic look feel fresh. Dare to go just a little bare and wear a button-down shirt loosely off one shoulder.

Use the Over-Under Dress Trick

Wear a slip dress over a tight tee or button-down shirt to get extra mileage out of that sexy piece you’ve been saving for evenings out. Top off a dress by slipping on a sweatshirt. Once again you’ve doubled your wardrobe and you’ve made any dress instantly more casual.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Loosen up that stiff button-down shirt by rolling up the sleeves. You’ll project a cool nonchalance that’s always in vogue. Rolling up the sleeves gives these classic shirts a sense of ease and a touch of casualness.

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