Start Wearing More Faux Snakeskin

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. If you’ve been seeing snakeskin patterns everywhere you look, it’s because this is one of the hottest and most popular trends of the year. Start wearing snakeskin prints, and you might love the way you look in this trend. Don’t worry — many brands are using faux snakeskin or snakeskin prints for this look, so feel free to embrace the trend (if you adhere to the same rule). 

Snakes on the Bottom

Try wearing snakeskin skirts and pants to start playing around with this trend. Pair your snake skirts and pants with blouses in black or taupe. Choose solid designs for your tops, so your look doesn’t become too busy and overwhelming. This look can also be stunning if you pair it with an off-white halter or tank top. Or, choose to be super casual and top your look with a plain tee. 

Put the Print on Top

Get noticed right away with a pretty blouse in a snakeskin print. You can wear a snake-printed blouse with just about any type of bottoms you like — as long as they’re solid, of course. The snakeskin pattern is so distinct and has so much going on, you don’t want your other pieces to be competing for attention. A black pleather skirt and boots make this look extra hot. Snakeskin tops look great with blue jeans too, so it’s very easy to wear this trend with the stuff you already own.

Say it With Boots

Finish any look with fashionable snakeskin footwear. While it is possible to get actual snakeskin boots, which is not recommended, it’s much easier to find ethical snakeskin print boots made with synthetic materials. If you’re digging this design and really feeling fierce, you can always reach for the snake-print heels to really strut your style.

Accessorize It

Add a snakeskin purse to add even more style to any look you want to wear. If you wear snakeskin as an accessory, feel free to have fun and add another print to your outfit. Snakeskin is so hot, you can find it in every accessory you can think of. That includes earrings, hair embellishments, jackets, scarves — well, you get the idea. If you want to accessorize with snakeskin, you have unlimited options.

Add Some Color

Traditional snakeskin is everywhere, but so are more non-traditional designs. The snake print pattern is also available in red, blue, orange and just about every other color of the rainbow, so you can try experimenting with different color shades when you wear this pattern.

Start Wearing Faux Snakeskin

Start wearing more snakeskin prints to start getting more fashionable. There’s something about this pattern that can make you feel sexy and powerful — like the mysterious and mighty snake itself. Be a little bit fierce and a whole lot fashionable with snakeskin style.

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