Romantic Hair Styling for the Festive Holiday Season

The holiday season kicks off plenty of parties where you can show off some creative hair styling masterpieces. With so many options for a glamorous look throughout the festive season, now is the time to try out those romantic hair tutorials you’ve pinned. A casual beachy wave looks easy and uncontrived and needs only a little air-dry product to let you glory in your natural texture. Braided crowns may require a bit of practice to get plaiting just right, but you’ve got time to play during the holidays. A modern ponytail signals instant, easy elegance.

Classically Beautiful Beach Waves

  1. Start with clean, dry hair.
  2. If your hair is thick, prep it with a texturing treatment spray throughout the lengths.
  3. If your hair is fine, prep hair by spritzing a medium control root volumizer at the roots to pump up volume.
  4. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl lengths of hair. Leave 1 inch of the ends out to keep the hair beachy. Let hair cool.
  5. Spritz lengths with a volumizing and texturizing dry finishing hairspray for added texture. Next, comb out curls with a wide-toothed comb for soft waves.
  6. Finish with a touch of hairspray to set the look.

Ethereal Braided Crowns

  1. Prep with a texture cream to create and support body and dimension. Depending on hair type, apply a nickel or quarter-sized amount of the texturizer, drying into the roots to create volume and add grit for braiding.
  2. Create a clean center part using a tail comb.
  3. Off the center part, create a triangle section of hair on both sides. The front part of the section is the first point, the second point starts behind the ear and the third point starts at the highest point of the head. Section away with a hair clip.
  4. On each of the two triangles, begin braiding an inverted braid by taking each section diagonal forward. Secure each strand with an elastic.
  5. Use hands to loosen braids before joining braids in the back to create a crown braid. Make sure to conceal the elastics. Use pins to secure.
  6. On the remaining the hair that is left unbraided, use a flat iron in an S-wave pattern to create loose waves.
  7. Once you’ve ironed the whole head, apply a texture finishing spray for texture and dimension.
  8. Use a bit of texturing cream through the ends to tame any flyaways and add soft hold.

Sleek, Modern Ponytails

  1. Work a smooth-control gel-cream through hair and flat iron from the nape.
  2. Spray a thickening primer at the roots to provide hair with density and root elevation. Blow dry into the hair.
  3. Divide the hair from ear to ear across the head and create a side part on the front hair. On the back hair, divide into symmetrical ponytails.
  4. Take small sections from each side of the front hair and bring to the opposite ponytail, securing each section with a rubber band. Spray each section with a low-hold hairspray.
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