Polka Dots And Checks, The Patterns You Need To Wear

Patterns are huge in this spring’s fashion trends, but not the patterns you’re probably used to wearing. Polka dots and check mark patterns are being used in all the hottest looks in an explosion of retro fashion that’s super modern again. Learn how to dress in the patterns you need to wear to stay trendy, and you’ll be ahead of the game for spring.

How to Wear Polka Dots

It isn’t easy to wear polka dots past the age of 5. If you want to look like a style maven and not like a hot mess, stick to some simple rules of wearing this trend. Polka dots in shades of black and white create a graphic, high-contrast look that works pretty well on anyone. Whether the dots are big or small, white and black is a combination that’s easy to wear. You can always add color with accessories. A canary yellow belt will add a great pop of style to a black and white polka dot dress, for example. Let the color of the dots be your guide when it comes to choosing accessories. For instance, if you’re wearing those vivid red dots, put on jewelry and shoes in the same red shade in solid colors.

Wearing Checks

Yet another blast from the past is leading the charge in today’s fashion trends. Checkerboard patterns are back in a big way in trendy fashion this year. You’ll see the pattern in everything from dresses to shoes. When you wear a checkered pattern, try to wear it as a whole outfit. For example, wear a dress that has all the same pattern, and if you wear a top and bottoms, try to match them. If it just seems like too much, you can dress it down by pairing one of the pieces with a beautiful solid color. Blue jeans also look great with checkered patterns.

Patterns You Need to Wear

Wearing patterns can be tricky. They have a way of making outfits look too busy. You don’t want to wind up being overwhelmed and disappearing inside of your clothing. Wear patterns that complement you, not pieces that are going to make you completely disappear.

Continue to wear colors that flatter your natural skin tone so you look like you’re wearing your clothes instead of them wearing you. Break patterns up with pieces and accessories in solid colors so you don’t become one big walking pattern. Stick to the basic rules of fashion and to the items and colors that you know work on you, and you’ll create great-looking outfits all year long.

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