Makeup Tricks to Defeat That Winter Pallor

Are you looking a little pale? When winter rolls around, you may notice your skin looking as pale and dull as the gray weather outside. Add more color to your complexion with simple makeup tricks that give you a healthy, summery glow.

Add Glitter Eye Shadow

Flat matte colors are fine most of the time, but if your skin is looking drab try dressing it up a little with glitter eye shadow. Shimmery, glittery eye shadow catches the light to literally make your skin sparkle. You don’t have to wear your brightest, boldest eye shadow shades to add more color to your face. Even in neutral shades, glitter eye shadow helps make your eyes pop and draws light to give you a healthier, glowing look.

Define Your Eyebrows

Give your face more color by filling in your eyebrows. Just a light touch from an eyebrow pencil or a little eye shadow will give your brows a fuller look to make them stand out. Stronger eyebrows give your face more definition.

Use Blush

Add a little blush to your cheeks to warm up you face. You can also add a little bit of blush to your forehead and chin to give your face an all-over, rosy glow. Blend well to make the color look natural. Blush is a perfect way to give your face a little more color. Use a light touch, because you can always add more but you can’t add less.

Reach for Red

A pop of bright red lipstick will give your face a great touch of color. Lips often look pale in winter, so red lipstick is a great go-to weapon to defeat that cold weather pallor. If bright red is a little too bold for your taste, try a warm pink shade with a red undertone instead.

Give Your Skin a Gorgeous Glow

When winter pallor is making your skin look gray and drab, brighten up your look with a little makeup to make your face glow. A little blush, some glitter and an eye-catching shade of lipstick will go a long way toward warming up your skin. It may be cold and gray outside, but you can look summer-ready in minutes.

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