How to Make Neutral Makeup Looks Work

Neutral makeup looks aren’t necessarily the same as the natural makeup look. The neutral makeup design is about creating subtle but stunning beauty. It’s a polished look that’s perfect for daytime and any other time you want to look effortlessly elegant. The best thing about a neutral makeup look: it’s flattering on any face.

The Base

To get a beautiful neutral makeup look, you need to start with a clean base. Cover your skin with primer, foundation and concealer the way you normally would, and blend well to get even, smooth coverage. BareMinerals mineral makeup is available in a huge range of skin tone colors and creates a great base for the rest of your makeup. Mineral makeup is lightweight, so you can add more layers to your face without looking too heavily made up. 

Neutral Eyes

You don’t always need to use vivid colors to make your eyes pop. A neutral eye look can still make your eyes stand out and look amazing. Start with a neutral base eyeshadow color, something in a warm light brown or tan. Extend the base color all the way up to the crease of the eye.

You can still draw attention to your eyes with a highlight color. Apply it directly to the lid. Use a highlight shadow with a little bit of shimmer to it to draw light to your eyes and give them some glimmer. A warm gold or light tan shade is perfect for this. BH Cosmetics makes a 28-color neutral eyeshadow palette that makes it easy to experiment with various neutral eye looks.

Create a smoky eye look with a darker brown shade of eyeshadow placed at the outer corners of your eyes, and blend well. Finish off the look with a little bit of brown eyeliner.  Waterproof warm dark brown eyeliner from Artdeco is an easy-to-use choice to finish off the look.

Nude Lips

Create a nude lip look with peachy lipstick that’s close to your own natural lip color. Add some shine to your mouth with a touch of clear gloss. The gloss will make your lips look fuller. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in nude lust is a great way to achieve this beautiful nude lip look. 

Neutral Makeup

Neutral makeup is a muted look, so you don’t need to use vivid or bright colors to make it work. That doesn’t mean you should avoid all color. When you’re creating a neutral makeup look, stick to a color palette that includes pale peach, rose, bronze and brown tones. Finish your look with bronzer, a little blush and some highlight to add contouring to your face.

A neutral makeup look is perfect for everyday wear. The best thing about this look is that you can always add to it. When evening rolls around, add a little more color to your eyes and lips and you’ll be ready to go from your daytime to nighttime look in just minutes.

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