6 Tips For Mingling at Parties

Mingling at parties might be a task that comes naturally to certain people, but if you don’t belong to that category, it may seem daunting. It’s okay if you aren’t a skilled mingler! However, parties are meant to be enjoyed, and the inability to mingle takes away part of the party’s purpose and enjoyment.

Not the type to jump right into a party and become the star? Here are some tips that are sure to help you mingle without all the nerves!

Start with the closest person to you.

Moving across a room to strike up a conversation with someone can be quite the task. So, to build your confidence and get you started on somewhat neutral territory, strike up a conversation with the person closest to you.

Say hi first.

It’s a party, and you are there to have a great time. Whether someone says hi or not, don’t be afraid to be the conversation-starter. Break the ice by saying hello and asking politely for their name or names. Offer up an introduction first so people can get to know a little bit about you; the information you share may also help spark a conversation!

Leave your questions open-ended.

Open-ended questions help keep the conversation going rather than cutting it off before it blossoms. Instead of using questions that may require yes or no answers, ask questions that allow you room to expand upon.

Show genuine interest.

This is another crucial tip to mingling at parties since you can lose someone’s attention fast when you appear distracted by everything going on around you. Be enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a new friend!

Let conversations flow naturally.

Since you’re the one attempting to mingle, you should set the tone for your conversations with people. Some people make it easy to converse with them, others not so much. If you are not getting good vibes from one person, feel free to move on to another person! You can say it was great meeting her/him, and that you’re off to grab a snack or drink.


Nothing speaks approachability to someone else looking to kickstart a conversation with you than wearing a smile on your face.

Whether you are a veteran party-goer or you are just learning the ropes, these tips will help make your next party experience more enjoyable.

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