Stranger Things and Its Influence on Fashion Today

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In the wake of the Season 4 finale of Stranger Things, we are once again left under the influence of the 1980s. While you nostalgically blast Madonna and wait with bated breath for the next season, why not break out your denim jackets and high-top sneakers, too? Fans of the science fiction series are dressing like they’re from the era. Don’t feel shame in whipping out the scrunchies and mom jeans – you definitely won’t be alone.

Deep Influence

The societal impact of Stranger Things on popular culture was unprecedented. For example, “Running Up That Hill,” a 1985 song heavily featured in the show’s latest season, topped recent Billboard music charts two weeks in a row, much to the surprise of the cast and the song’s creator, Kate Bush. The same impact can be seen in the world of fashion.

Wearable ’80s Fashion

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When you think of clothes from the ’80s, your mind may quickly take you to acid-washed denim, stiff shoulder pads, and neon windbreakers. But those pieces (though iconic) are just a slice of the style at the time. Amy Parris, head of the costume department for all the seasons of the show, did her due diligence to make the outfits as realistic as possible – from Dustin Henderson’s pop culture shirts and notable hats to Nancy Wheeler’s preppy silhouettes.

She also does an incredible job showcasing the themes of each season through the characters’ wardrobes. For example, the iconic technicolor romper that Eleven wears in Season 3 added to the light, almost juvenile feel of the earlier half of the season, but her style evolves quickly, and her ensembles look drastically different by the season’s end.

Season 4 Fashion

The latest season of Stranger Things is by far the darkest yet, and the series’ color palette is very indicative of that. Here are some trends that we think will likely be making comebacks:

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Look to Steve Harrington for insight on how to wear jeans! A pair of well-fitting Levi’s pants are truly timeless, and their versatility makes them a piece of the 1980s that will live on long past the series finale.

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For a peek into the casual wear of the decade, turn to Max Mayfield and Robin Buckley, who prove you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Max wears statement jackets (windbreakers and suede), while Robin rocks clashing prints in complementary silhouettes.

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And, of course, we can’t talk about fashion without mentioning Eddie Munson, who has become a new character favorite among fans. Channel your inner ’80s rocker with unkempt hair, patches on denim vests, distressed jeans, and heavy black leather.

If you could raid the closet of any Stranger Things character, who would it be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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