How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Relationship

Holding hands, going on romantic dates, and canoodling is fun. Arguing, finding common ground, and surviving challenges is…not as fun. All of this – and more – are part of being in a relationship. The question is: Are you ready? Ask yourself these questions to see where you stand.

Do You Know How to Compromise?

If you can’t compromise and understand that everything won’t always go your way, your selfish tendencies may have yet to escape you. Compromising shows that your partner’s thoughts and feelings are important to you. The goal is to be able to meet them halfway. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice staying home and watching your favorite show to attend a family gathering. Other times, you may want to communicate that a night of staying in, cooking, and relaxing would be most desirable.

Is Communication Important to You?

The foundation of any relationship is communication. Be sure to get a feel for how you communicate. If you’re great at expressing yourself calmly and know how to listen, that’s a great start! If you’ve had trouble communicating in the past, it’s important to at least recognize that. Remember: Communication should be important to you if you’re looking to start a serious relationship.

Are You Ready to Let Go of Control?

Having a timeline in a relationship is not out of the ordinary. However, wanting to control that timeline is a completely different story. (It’s not “bad” to desire a marriage; It’s ”bad” to make demands!) If you want a successful relationship, you must let go of control. Allowing time for a relationship to evolve and grow will positively affect both of you.

Do You Want to Be in a Relationship?

There should be no pressure to enter a relationship. It should happen naturally; you should want to get serious with that person. If you think it’s time to be with someone just because the “clock is ticking,” you may not be officially ready for a relationship.

It’s important to figure out what makes you happy before starting a relationship, because you can’t depend on someone to make you happy. If you’re ready to be in a relationship, you won’t just settle for the next person that comes your way. You will choose someone that you enjoy being with, and let it blossom.

Finding that person can take time and patience, but a true connection will be worth the effort!

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