Sizing Hacks for the Next Time You’re Without a Fitting Room

There are a million reasons you may have to purchase an article of clothing without trying it on first: Sometimes stores simply don’t have a fitting room, or sometimes there’s just no time. Whatever the reason, we have a few tips to help you accurately find your size!

Know Your Size(s)

We know this one is a stretch (because who doesn’t wear different sizes depending on the brand and article of clothing)? But knowing your approximate sizes and measurements will help you tremendously when shopping. And while we’re on the topic, know that your “size” is just a number or letter on a tag, nothing more. So know your size, accept it, and buy a killer wardrobe that you’re going to rock.

Whip Out That Measuring Tape

If you know your measurements, you can whip out a measuring tape to determine if a garment will fit you. It may feel a little silly at first, but it will be worth it!

Know What Works for Your Body

Whether you’re shopping with no fitting room available or just opting out (we get it), this is the time to consider pieces you know you love (and hate). For instance, if you know you always look good in midi dresses and V-necks, those should be your go-to pieces. On the other hand, if you know you don’t love how you look in bodycon pieces, it may not be wise to purchase one without trying it on first.

Know Your Brands

Are there certain brands that always seem to fit and flatter? If so, then stick with those when you’re without a fitting room. You’ll probably have a better idea of what size you are in a brand you’re familiar with.

The Neck Hack

We don’t know what kind of black magic this trick is, but it’s never let us down. If you’re shopping for pants and can’t try them on, make sure they’re buttoned, then wrap the waistband around your neck. If both ends can comfortably touch, there’s a good chance these jeans are about to be your new favorites. If you have to pull really tight and the ends don’t touch, try a different size or style.

Become the Queen of Bargain Hunting

Whether you just found a great sale or you’re thrifting, if you find a pair of pants that you’re pretty sure will fit, and they’re only $10, then if they don’t work, you’re only out $10. Most times you can sell it back to a thrift store for a few bucks. In the same vein, be sure to always check a store’s return policy in the case that you want to get a refund or credit.

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