Ever Dread Opening Your Pantry? Try This.

The pantry is simultaneously one of our favorite and least favorite areas of any home. It holds all of our favorite snacks – but it gets messy and disorganized all too quickly. But even if your pantry disaster is the result of a child or messy teen (or significant other), you can make pantry access almost foolproof with the right organizational items. Here are some of our favorites!

Vtopmart 3-Pack Glass Storage Jars with Airtight Clamp Lids ($29.99, shop here)

Stop ripping through your pantry to find the items you’re looking for by making everything visible! If you can access your favorite pasta right away, there’s no need to rearrange the beans and granola bars. And don’t worry about the food inside: These jars have airtight lids, so everything stays fresh!

mDesign 4-Pack Plastic Open Front Dip Storage Bin ($43.99, shop here)

Like the glass jars above, these clear bins will drive organization by ensuring everything in your pantry is visible. They’re great for storing dry goods, canned goods, food packets, seasonings, baking supplies, snack bags, soda bottles, and more!

Haitral 2-Tier Mesh Sliding Drawer Storage Organizer ($28.99, shop here)

Small pull-out drawers are perfect for storing items you need to access often but would rather not leave loose on a shelf – like spices. With this organizer, you can easily slide out the drawers to reach spices housed in the back without disturbing the neighboring items.

Simple Houseware Under-Shelf Baskets 2-Pack ($24.99, shop here)

You have to store essentials like tin foil and Ziploc bags somewhere – but it feels wasteful to spread them across an entire shelf, and stacking them up always leads to an avalanche later. That’s why these under-shelf baskets are a must-have! They maximize your existing shelf space by adding a little cubby below, which just happens to be the perfect size for these everyday kitchen items.

iPegtop Scratch-Resistant Metal Shelf-Cabinet Organizers 2-Pack ($14.99, shop here)

Another way to maximize your space is by creating layers! These handy metal shelves sit on your built-in pantry shelves so you can create sections that are independent of each other and entirely accessible.

Do you fear the mess that awaits you every time you look in your pantry? With the right organizational items, upkeep will become easier – and you can stress less.

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