Repurposing Old Denim 101

image and instructions via fabric cart diy via ohoh deco

Do you have a stack of tattered jeans in your closet that you swear you’ll do something with one day? We can’t be alone in this! Here are a few of our favorite ideas for repurposing old denim.

And just a quick side note: If you’d rather not repurpose your old jeans, before throwing them in the garbage, consider donating them to your local thrift store or sending them to a recycling center.

Funky Denim Potholders

You can always use more potholders, right? These adorably eclectic pocket potholders will give your kitchen a little touch of kitsch – just make sure to stitch several layers of denim together so they’re thick enough not to burn yourself. We love the idea of embroidering the pockets, then using an accent color for the outer hem.

(image and instruction via crafterholic via alisa burke)

Frayed Denim Pouch

These zippered pouches make great gifts! Who wouldn’t love getting a cute little pouch with some of their favorite products in it? If you want to get a little fancier, we suggest bleaching the denim and fraying the sides, then adding some strips of vintage fabric or pieces of a bandana.

(image and instructions via instructables)

Denim Basket

Snag a wire basket from a thrift store and start weaving to create this fun denim basket or hamper. There are so many ways you can make this basket your own, but we love the idea of mixing up different denim washes to create a cool ombré look. To add some texture, incorporate some pieces of neutral-colored yarn or rope.

(image and instructions via fabric cart diy via ohoh deco)

Denim Rug

If you have a surplus of old denim, you can make this rug on the cheap. There are so many design options, whether you mix up washes, try an ombré pattern, or weave in some fabric or yarn. Display the rug at your front door, in the kitchen, or as a textile on which to set your indoor plants.

(image and instructions via hgtv)

Distressed Jorts or Shorts

If your old jeans still have some life in them, turn them into distressed denim jorts or shorts. The beauty of making your own is that they can be whatever length you want – and as distressed as you want. We encourage you to make them your own by adding some embroidery, bleach, or even paint.

(image and instructions via collective gen)


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