30 Years Later, Grunge Still Reigns

When you think “fashion influencer,” we certainly hope the late, great Kurt Cobain comes to mind. Now, don’t get us wrong, his music is undoubtedly his greatest legacy, but the impact the grunge rocker had on men’s and women’s fashion can’t be overlooked.

If you aren’t familiar, Kurt Cobain was the guitarist, songwriter, and frontman for the band Nirvana. He was a free spirit and expressed this through both his music and his sense of style. He was also outspoken about issues that mattered to him, such as feminism. The world unfortunately lost Cobain in 1994 at the young age of 27, but his legacy lives on in many ways. Here are a few fashion trends from today for which we can thank him.

Destructed Denim

Aged, destructed denim is a trademark of the grunge look and something Cobain wore oh-so-well. Not only were his jeans destroyed, but he always wore them a little loose. Sound familiar? If you’re going for the authentic grunge look, we recommend hitting up your local thrift store and finding jeans with some natural destruction.

(image via Independent)

Grandpa Cardigans

In 1993, Nirvana performed on MTV Unplugged with Cobain wearing a fuzzy oversized cardigan that later sold for more than $330,000 in 2019. Almost three decades later, what are we lusting after when the weather cools down? Why, oversized cardigans, of course! Again, this is a fun thrift store item you can find in any color, style, print, or length to fit your style.

(image via Pinterest)


Another grunge staple that Cobain wore brilliantly: the flannel shirt. We know we sound like a broken record, but thrift stores are great for finding cheap flannel, and once it’s yours, you can do what you want to with it, like cut the sleeves off and bleach-dye it (just a suggestion!). A faded, oversized flannel over a band tee is just as well-received.

(image via glamour)

Mod Sunglasses

Cobain famously rocked a pair of white oval-shaped Christian Roth sunglasses, and it’s safe to say the shades became iconic. This summer, vintage sunnies are very “in”; in fact, sometimes all you need are some super-unique sunglasses to make an outfit come together. And you know where this is going: Thrift stores and antique shops are great places for finding vintage sunnies for pennies.

(image via hypebeast)

Worn-In Sweaters

What’s more grunge than a tattered sweater? We can thank Cobain for this look that was once seen as very grungy and is now very trendy. Sure, some people still don’t get it, but we love an oversized sweater with some wear and tear to it. Even if you can’t find that perfectly worn-in sweater at a local thrift store, all you need is a pair of scissors to make one your own.

(image via KCRW)

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