New to the Vintage Garment Game? Here Are a Few Tips!

If you’ve ever been thrifting, then you know how thrilling it can be to come across a vintage skirt or sweet lived-in vintage band tee. If you haven’t experienced this yet, we highly recommend getting lost in the racks of your local thrift store. Now, if you’re new to this scene, there are both pros and cons to buying vintage garments. So before you start shopping, keep these tips in mind.

Pieces Are Limited

Unless you have access to a ton of vintage shops or you’re super-quick online, desirable vintage items can get snatched up pretty quickly. Collectors, designers, stylists, and boutique owners are all on the hunt, just like you. So if you come across a garment that you love, get it while you can.

Buying Vintage Helps the Earth

Like any secondhand shopping, buying vintage gives new life to an old piece that would have likely otherwise ended up in a landfill. You should feel good after a vintage haul – Mother Nature certainly appreciates it!

Sometimes Vintage = Pricey

It’s not uncommon to come across vintage pieces at bargain prices, but it’s also not unheard of to drop some serious cash on them. It all comes down to where you’re buying the item and its condition. Just don’t be shocked if you find vintage garments in mint condition, and the store or owner is asking a pretty penny for them.

Vintage Almost Always = Unique

For a lot of vintage lovers, it’s all about being the only one in the room wearing a piece. Even if you drop some dough on a new designer dress, you can’t guarantee you’ll be the only one wearing it. If you like unique garments that no one else will have, shopping vintage is for you.

Vintage Clothes Have a History

Duh, that’s why they’re vintage! But keep in mind that vintage garments are more prone to wear and tear, and they can become moldy if they haven’t been properly stored over the years. There are ways to clean and care for these garments, but if you like “ready-to-wear” pieces, make sure you’re buying higher-quality vintage items you know you’ll get good use out of.

Accessories Are Vintage, Too!

If you aren’t sure about wearing vintage from head to toe, there are vintage accessories out there that are just as unique. (Think: a pair of 1950s cat-eye sunnies, statement ’60s earrings, or vintage silk scarves from the ’70s.) They are easy to find, often at great prices, and require little to no care before or after wear.

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