Company Picnic Wardrobe Tips

It’s summertime, which means for many of us, a company picnic or barbecue will likely be on the agenda. Much like there’s a dress code for being in the office, there’s wardrobe etiquette for representing your company outside of the office. Let’s discuss the dos and don’ts for what to wear when mingling with co-workers off the clock.

Do: Dress practically. Don’t: Go too short.

We get it: It’s shorts and sundresses season! But remember, when socializing with co-workers, nothing should be spilling out. For shorts, it’s best to opt for a boyfriend cut, which isn’t too tight and gives you some extra length without being an actual Bermuda short.

Our pick: Caslon Boyfriend Shorts ($49, shop here)

For a sundress or skirt, try one that’s mid-length to ensure you have a buffer in case a strong breeze comes along.

Our pick: Old Navy Fit & Flare Smocked Embroidered Midi Dress ($49.99, shop here)

Do: Make sure your clothes fit. Don’t: Show up looking like you don’t care.

Our bodies are constantly changing, and sizing can be a real pain, but make sure whatever you choose to wear to your company outing fits you well – nothing too tight or too oversized. There is never shame in going up or down in sizes as you need to.

Do: Wear fun summer sandals. Don’t: Wear flip-flops.

Flip-flops are great summer shoes for many occasions, but a work picnic isn’t one of them. Flip-flops can be seen as too casual – plus, they don’t offer much support should you be running or doing group activities. Instead, opt for a dressier pair that won’t break while you’re wearing them.

Our pick: Asos Wide Fit Fia Jelly Sandals ($14.50, shop here)

Do: Wear a bold, colorful top. Don’t: Opt for a low-cut version.

First and foremost, try on your top beforehand to see how it fits from all angles and ensure it’s appropriate. Stay a bit more conservative by throwing on a tank top underneath for a lightweight layer that will eliminate the fear of anything being seen that, ahem, shouldn’t.

Our pick: A New Day Flutter Short-Sleeve Eyelet Top ($20, shop here)

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