How to Be More Mindful in Your Relationship

Every interaction between you and your partner is an opportunity to be more in sync with one another. But when you aren’t practicing mindfulness, emotions and words can get away from you – and that is when relationships can suffer. Here are a few simple ways to practice mindfulness in your relationship.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is focusing on the present while actively and calmly acknowledging and accepting your thoughts and feelings. When it comes to mindfulness in your relationship, it means being open with each other and creating an environment where both partners feel comfortable opening up and are compassionate, patient, and understanding with each other.

The Benefits of a Mindful Relationship

Becoming More Receptive

Being mindful entails being present. This allows you to listen to your partner and fully absorb what they are saying. With this type of active listening, your responses will be more thoughtful, with less room for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Becoming More Aware

Focusing on multiple things at once while talking to your partner can lead to elevated emotions and arguments or confusion. Being more aware can ultimately grant you more patience – and a better outcome from your conversation.

Emotionally Regulating

If you are a reactive person, mindfulness can help immensely. Instead of getting caught up in your emotions, you can regulate them and produce clear and compassionate communication.

How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Relationship

Unfortunately, there is no rulebook on how to be the best, most mindful partner you can be. However, there are practices you can try on for size.

Practice Gratitude

Over time, partners often stop showing appreciation for one another like they did at the beginning of their relationship. Change the narrative and let your partner know how grateful you are for them and everything they do.

Be Kind

Kindness is contagious. When you practice kindness, you create positive connections within your relationship – which is always a good thing.


Remember to breathe! Actively loosen your jaw, shoulders, and neck while listening to remain in the present and be more open and receptive.

Focus on Similarities, Not Differences

Relationships are about fostering a greater sense of connection – and you can’t do that if you only focus on how you and your partner differ. Instead, notice what your similarities are. There’s a good chance you want the same things – to be loved, cared for, understood, etc.

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