How to Clean Suede Shoes Properly

Cleaning suede shoes can be tricky, and it’s vital that you follow the correct steps to remove stains without ruining the fabric. Here’s how to clean suede shoes properly.

Use A Special Suede Brush 

As suede has a soft grain, it is best to clean this material with a special suede brush. Ensure your shoes are fully dry and check your manufacturer label before cleaning for any special care instructions. Also, be sure to remove any stains, dirt, or scuffs while your shoes are dry as suede is extremely sensitive to water.

Gently Remove Dirt 

Use your special suede brush to gently clean and brush away any dirt present on your shoes. Top tip: brush lightly in the same direction rather than back and forth, and repeat this until the layer of visible dirt is removed. Your shoes should already look a lot cleaner.

Remove Scuffs  

To remove scuff marks from your shoes, you will need to brush backward and forwards vigorously to lift the grain and remove the scuff. If you find you have stubborn scuffs that are too matted down to be removed by the brush alone, then try using a knife to scrape the area with a knife to lift the nap. If you still cannot remove the scuffs, you can purchase a special suede eraser that is explicitly designed for this. Apply moderate pressure then increase as required for tougher stains and scuffs.

Protect The Suede 

Once you have followed one of the above steps to clean your suede shoes, you should then take time to protect them to help prevent further marks and stains in the future. To do so, apply a coat of suede protector on to your shoes.

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