Highlighting Summer Staples: Denim Shorts

Image CRVY Vintage High-Rise Shorts from Free People

Every season, there are old standbys we update in our wardrobes. It’s the cable knit sweater for fall, a new coat for winter, and fresh floral prints for spring. Obviously, each season contains several staples, but the first one that comes to mind for summer is the quintessential denim short. This can mean different things to everyone; some women love their daisy dukes while others prefer a longer variety. There’s also distressing, wash, and level of rigidity to consider. A lot goes into something that seems so simple! So, to help those of us in a denim short fatigue, I’ve put together the best styles based on the different types of denim shorts out there—each perfect for the summer months ahead.

High-Rise Denim Short

Let’s start with what I know (and love) best, a high-rise denim short. These are your best friends for tucking in tanks or dressing up with a blouse for picnics, date nights, etc. The problem with high-rise shorts is they can sometimes cause bunching in an unflattering area, but this is avoidable if you seek out rigid denim. Rigid denim doesn’t move as much as denim with stretch, so it holds its shape better and reduces bunching. Once you find the perfect combination between rise and rigidity, it’s truly the most flattering fit in jean shorts. If this sounds like the short for you, I recommend trying the AGOLDE Dee Super High Rise Short. Click here to shop.

Show Off Your Curves

A major issue women face when shopping for shorts, pants, or jeans is that their waist and legs aren’t the same sizes, and therefore their pant gaps at the waist. This is, quite literally, the worst. If you size down, the short is too tight in the leg. If you size up, the short is way too big in the waist. Brands know this is an issue, and many of them are designing their jeans and shorts specifically to combat this problem. These types of shorts will have a bit more stretch in them for mobility and basically will contour themselves to your body shape. These are an amazing option for women who have curves and want their shorts to fit seamlessly. If you want your curves to shine all summer long, I recommend American Eagle shorts. Click here to shop.

The Classic Cut

Keep it simple. If you like a straight, clean fit, there is a wide variety of jean short options that will work for you. These denim shorts fall right in the middle of the road as far as jean shorts go. They’re not too long, not too short. They are fairly rigid, but incorporate just the right amount of stretch. Above all, they go with every single top in your closet because of their timeless cut and wash. If this sounds like the staple short you need in your wardrobe, I’d recommend looking at the Levi’s 501 Original Short. Click here to shop.

Looking for Length

I get it, not everyone is all aboard the shorts bandwagon. However, if you’re looking to dip your toes in the water, long shorts are actually a huge trend this summer, and there are many retailers offering denim shorts at a mid-thigh length. Nordstrom offers a wide variety of denim shorts at a longer length that you can explore, but AGOLDE (mentioned above), is again offering a perfect option for longer denim. Click here to shop.

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