How to Maintain Your Brows at Home

It’s often a good idea to go to a professional when you want to shape your eyebrows. However, sometimes you have no choice but to do it yourself at home. Here are a few simple steps to follow when maintaining your own brows at home.

Make Sure Your Skin Is Clean

Before doing anything, you want to make sure your skin is clean. Wash it with a mild face cleanser and water to remove any excess makeup or oil build-up.

Focus On Three Main Points 

Next, make sure you know where your brows start and end. You should also take into consideration what part of your brow defines the arch.

To determine where your brows should start, take a pen and hold it against the side of your nose. The part where your pen touches your brow is where it should start.

You can pluck the brow hairs that are growing outside that point, but make sure you don’t over-pluck your brows. You want to keep the natural shape.

Always Keep Your Natural Brow Shape In Mind

Your brows usually look best if you keep them looking natural. You don’t want to make your brows look entirely different from what they used to look like when you started. Also, remember you need to keep the arch of your eyebrows intact to maintain their natural shape. The arch is also crucial because it opens up and accentuates your eyes.

Pluck Under Your Eyebrow

At this point, you’re ready to take tweezers and carefully pluck the hairs, starting with the stray hairs that are underneath your brows. Pull quickly in the direction your hair grows, always keeping in mind that you don’t want to over-pluck. This means to only pluck the hair outside of your brow line and in between your brows. Rule of thumb, brows should start at the corner of your eye. Quick tip – if you make sure you are holding your skin, it should help to minimize the pain.

Trimming Brow Hairs

Before you decide you want to trim a certain part of your brow, you want to make sure it is necessary. The length of your brow hairs will help cover up sparseness, so you don’t want to over-trim. Only trim your brow hairs if they are too long and sticking out of your natural brow shape.

To trim your brows, take a clean mascara wand and brush your brow hairs up. Next, take brow scissors and cut the hairs sticking up past the top of your brow line. For the wand and scissors, click here. 

Moisturize Your Skin

After you have plucked your brows, your skin may be sensitive, so you should moisturize as a final step. Use a face oil, toner, or a lightweight moisturizer to cover the area.

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