Boob Tape 101

Okay, ladies, who wants to ditch the bra but still support the girls? Allow us to introduce you to boob tape. It’s not always the vibe, but it can be a total game-changer. Let’s discuss!

You Have My Attention…What Is It?

Boob tape is an adhesive strip of fabric that keeps your breasts supported and in place without the need for a bra. Boob tape is convenient because it can be cut and customized to fit any body type and cup size. In fact, if you’re looking for support, you can get as creative with boob tape as you need to. Just know that opting to wear boob tape is between you and your wardrobe. If you’d rather wear a comfortable bra or go braless, we support you.

Know Before You Tape

If you have sensitive skin, it’s smart to test a small strip on an inconspicuous patch of skin to ensure you don’t have any sort of reaction. Also, before you adhere your boob tape, make sure your skin is clean and free of any lotions or body oils because the adhesive won’t stick as well with these products.

To ensure that the tape doesn’t peek out over any necklines or cutouts, it’s not a bad idea to take a nude liner and trace your top before applying. Even if you see some tape, it can easily be snipped.

Cover the Nips

It’s never a bad idea to cover your nipples with nipple covers or cotton round pads to protect these delicate areas from irritation.

Tape Lightly

The tape should not be too tight or too loose. Once you’ve taped, you should be comfortable, have range of motion, be able to breathe, and not restrict blood flow.

Get Low

Let’s talk about utilizing boob tape for low-cut tops. Hold your breast in the desired position and apply the first strip of tape by starting under your breast (where your bra would sit) and following the curve of your natural bust line. From here, the next strips should be applied vertically. You can also use your nipple as a good center point for hoisting the girls up.


For a strapless top or dress, create the look of a bandeau with the boob tape, taping a few strips horizontally from the bottom of one breast to the outside of the other.

Let’s Talk Removal

Boob tape removal should not be painful, but if you’re a little nervous about it or have sensitive skin, apply some baby oil or coconut oil to the tape to break down the adhesive. Once the edges start coming up, you can safely remove your tape – no tugging necessary.

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