How Much Should I Tip?

We understand the importance of tipping, but it can be confusing: Who are you supposed to tip? And how much? You can ask 1,000 people and get 1,000 different answers. Tipping used to be a way to thank someone for excellent service, but with minimum wage and hourly pay not exactly up to snuff, workers more than ever depend on tips to make a living. If you’re a little in the dark when it comes to tipping, you’re not alone. Consider this your go-to tipping guide.


If you receive good service at a restaurant, tipping between 15%-20% is considered the norm, but if you received amazing, out-of-this-world service, you should consider leaving an even bigger tip. What about service that wasn’t so amazing? It can be tempting not to tip at all, but that’s just not cool. Leaving a 10% tip is a pretty clear indication that you weren’t impressed with the service. If the entire experience was dreadful, the best way to go about this is to explain to the manager why you won’t be tipping. Keep in mind that some restaurants automatically include gratuity in the bill, particularly for larger parties, so note you are not required to tip extra – unless you want to, of course.


Bar tipping depends on what you’re at the bar for. For instance, if you’re having a couple of beers at a casual bar, leave $1 per drink; if you’re having cocktails, $2 per drink; and if you order any food while you’re at the bar, it’s standard to leave 15%-20%. If you’re at a nicer bar, it’s also standard to tip 15-20% on drinks alone. If you catch the bartender in a good mood and they sling you a free one, still tip them even if that drink was on the house.

Uber / Lyft

Although Uber and Lyft will always tell you that tipping is optional, a general rule of thumb is to tip around 10%-20% – unless you just made a new best friend or went for a long ride together and want to leave more.

Hotel Housekeeping

We are guilty of stressing out about every other little thing while on vacation that we have forgotten to tip our hotel housekeepers, but it is important to remember to leave a few bucks for them. Typically, the person who tidied your room one day won’t be the same the next, so according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association it’s best to leave $1-$5 per day. If you’re traveling with kids or pets, have a kitchenette to clean, or had extra adults staying in the room, leave a little extra.

Hair or Nail Salon

For hair and nail salons, most of the time, around 20% will do the trick. Make sure to get the scoop on how to tip because some salons need to include the tip before they ring you up, and some only accept cash tips or Venmo.

Food Delivery

The standard tipping for food delivery is 10%-20%. If you’re using an app to place your order, most have a tip section for you to fill out. If the weather is less than perfect, give your delivery driver a few extra bucks.


If you order a single coffee, rounding up to the nearest dollar is a nice gesture, and most coffee shops have tip jars at checkout. If your barista was outstanding and went out of their way to ensure you had a wonderful experience, tip them the standard 20%. If you order your coffee via an app, many also have a section where you can add a tip.

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