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On those days when you just can’t choose a color, or you’re feeling extra-sleek and trendy, an all-black outfit is a solid option no matter the occasion.

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Why do we love the all-black look so much? Frankly, we could write a book, but we’ll start with some of our top reasons:

  1. Wearing all black means you don’t have to worry about matching: Black top, black pants, black shoes, black bag, and you’re done!
  2. All-black outfits are super-versatile and can be tailored to any style.
  3. Black looks amazing on all skin tones.
  4. If you love accessories, all-black outfits are dramatic canvases for layering.
  5. Black is typically great for camouflaging stains – food, ink, sweat…you name it.
  6. All-black automatically looks classy and dressed up.
  7. Black is timeless, so you never have to worry about being out of style.

(image via fustany via quadro feminino)

If you’re new to the all-black look, you may be worried it can seem a little boring. We’re here to assure you that this is simply not the case! But if you need some extra assurance, here are our favorite ways to make an all-black outfit a little more exciting:

Opt for Classic All-Black Pieces

High-waisted trousers, a basic top, and crushed velvet pointed-toe flats are the opposite of boring – show-stopping even!

Add a Colorful Accent Piece

Whether it’s by way of your shoes, earrings, or handbag, embellish an all-black outfit with a big pop of your favorite color.

Incorporate Vintage Items

If you’re concerned your all-black outfit is missing something, pull out a vintage hat or a piece of dramatic vintage jewelry.

Throw in a Fun Pattern

Just because you’re going all black doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a pattern. Sometimes switching out a plain black top for gingham or a black band tee is all you need to change the vibe and complete your look.

(image via tania sarin)

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