10 Coolest Nail Trends to Try This Season

Fashion has come a long way, and these days it includes nail art. Nails can be the focal point in a super stylish look! This year, as seen on many runways, it was all about recreating classic nails but with subtle changes to keep things exciting. Here are ten nail trends to rock this season.

Moon moment
Many fashion shows this season went with a very minimalist look, such as nude nails with a bit of gold or bronze glitter on the nail’s moon. Very stylish but still minimal and cute.

Ring finger action
The most popular fall trend was the glossy burgundy manicure with a simple shiny gold stripe on one finger. So easy and so gorgeous!

Neon stripes
Go bold with this season’s favorite shade, neon yellow nail polish! This color will turn heads but still look elegant and classy. Try a nude, glossy nail topped with a single stripe of the neon color. It’s the perfect marriage of subtle and bold!

Holographic nails
Embrace the ’90s with holographic CD inspired nails. This eye-catching look is super easy to achieve. Start with bare nails or the desired nail color, top with a layer of the holographic pigment and finish with a clear sealing gel.

Nude and white detail
We all love a super minimal detailing of a nude and white combo. Start with a basic nude or clear nail and add a splash of white detail on one or two nails. It’s an easy office manicure.

Pearl nails
This trend has been simmering for some time now, much like the holographic look. If you’re into the shiny look, use an iridescent pearl nail polish for some super cute mermaid vibes.

Marble nails
Marble prints are by far our favorite nail trend this season. It’s the perfect manicure inspo! The modern trend is easy to recreate yourself with the many DIY videos out there. You can start with a single marble nail and white nail polish, or if you’re feeling bold, go for a full set.

Cow print
Animal prints are HOT this season! But the cow print is the latest trend that many celebs like Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande can’t get enough of. It’s a super cute and sassy look, and we are all here for it!

Metallic nails
Lately, we’ve been going crazy over the metallic and holo look. The funky craze started online and all over Hollywood, beginning with the nail queen herself, Kylie Jenner. We can’t get enough of this look that pairs so well with long nails.

Geometric shapes
This modern take on nail design is the perfect way to unleash your creativity with super cute/subtle shapes. It’s all about sharp lines and bold shapes so that you can get creative with every nail. Talk about ART.

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