How to Make the Perfect Cozy Bed

There’s nothing better than curling up in the coziest bed on a cold winter night, under layers of warm blankets and comfortable pillows; and here’s how you achieve it.


The foundation of every bed is super important. Start with the best and most comfortable mattress you can afford. A lot of times, the mattress itself makes such a big difference in the coziness and softness of your bed. It not only gives your bed a comfy feel but also excellent support for your back and neck.

If your bed frame has wheels, invest in non-slip furniture cups to make sure your bed stays in place.

Another important aspect that adds an extra layer of cushiness is investing in a mattress topper. This is an important step if you don’t have a great mattress as your base. There are limitless options of thickened and coziness. A memory foam topper tends to be a more comfortable choice.


Again, this is an important component. Make sure to buy the best quality sheets (preferably cotton), which will make slipping into bed feel as soothing and comfortable as ever! The best kinds of cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, and Pima cotton. There are great microfiber options as well.

Make sure the cotton sheets you get are soft and light and not stiff. Even the most expensive brands have both types, so pay attention to how soft and fluffy the sheets feel. Don’t be afraid to return something you bought online that doesn’t feel like butter! One of our favorite well-priced sheet sets are from Amazon called “Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set Super Soft Microfiber 1800 Thread Count Luxury Egyptian Sheets”. A king set goes for $37.

Layer your sheets with the finished side facing down to get that extra softness. Any patterns or prints will be showcased after you turn the sheets down (and did I mention how soft your sheets will feel that way?). You can check many tutorials online to learn how to get the super clean and super crisp bed corners.


Same as the mattress (and everything else), pay extra attention to your pillows! They are a crucial element in ensuring a comfy bed and a good quality sleep. If you’re shopping for the guest room, it’s a good idea to give the choice of a soft pillow and a firm pillow for each person.

Make sure you get at least two pairs of sheets and pillowcases. You will absolutely love the days you climb into bed with the fresh and clean sheets on!

Use a bolster pillow to tuck behind other pillows; it perfectly fills in the gaps and helps your pillows hold their shape longer.

You can also use big and small decorative pillows to give your bed a nice cozy feel and a pop of color and texture.

You can’t go wrong with thick, cozy throw blankets to pile on top. These are great for when you’re not ready to get tucked in under the covers but still want to relax.

Last but not least, buy a linen spray to keep at your bedside to add a fresh scent every time you tuck yourself in bed.

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