Telling Signs that a Relationship May Not Prosper

Relationships of any kind can be hard, especially when it involves finding a lifelong partner. There are noticeable signs that occur when a partnership is thriving, but it’s easy to miss when a relationship isn’t working. This can happen when someone is caught up in their own emotions, so it’s hard to see when a relationship isn’t meant to continue. By noticing the following signals, they can be apparent indications that a relationship may not flourish.

One-Sided Conversations 

If one side of the partnership is continuously instigating or carrying the conversation, then it shows that only one member is interested in the relationship and carries the main amount of effort. Relationships are about give and take. When one person is taking more than giving, regardless of the type of relationship, it can create a toxic environment for the person who is only giving. If this action is happening at the beginning, then it can foreshadow future actions, and how much attention they are willing to give.

There’s No Separation Between Friends and Personal Time  

If date night always seems to include friends with no one-on-one time, then it’s safe to say that it’s more of a situation where both are in the company of friends instead their significant other. There needs to be some type of a separation where personal time can be spent learning more about the other person and how both complement each other.

This is not to say friends can’t partake in gatherings, but there needs to be a sense of equal measures between the two environments. If there is no sense of separation, then this may lead to the friend zone instead of a potential partner.

There is No Conversation About the Future 

After two individuals have been dating for a while, it’s normal to begin discussing what the future may hold for both parties. When a couple is only focused on the present, then this relationship isn’t given a real opportunity to move forward. Both individuals have the opportunity to control certain aspects of their future, and it starts by beginning valuable conversations for both of them.

There is No Compromise 

There isn’t a person that will ever be in total agreement with another individual, (we think). There will be differences, whether it’s about the decision of where to go on vacation, or they have different political opinions, etc. Compromise is inevitable. If you don’t ever want to compromise with this person, it may show that you don’t want to see the relationship through.

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