Big Brands Who Nailed Social Justice This Month

This month, many big brands really showed their true colors. Through the BLM movement, major, well-known companies put forth statements of alliance and support for the Black community, but sadly, we saw many fall short, utilizing vague calls to action that really accomplished nothing—and people noticed. In fact, it seemed more brands were coming out with lackluster statements than ones that actually made us feel empowered by the brands we shop with. So, in the spirit of moving away from cancel culture, I want to highlight a few of the brands who took clear and focused action immediately. While the movement has always needed this support, it’s never too late to help, and we love these brands for stepping up! While there are only 3 on this list below, companies like Apple, Walmart, Google, Amazon, and many more are also donating millions!

*Things change every day, and more and more, customers see that they can “vote with their wallets.” We welcome you to spend some time researching the companies you buy from to ensure they continue to align with your values and ethics.


Before many brands came out with a statement (let alone action items), Glossier charged ahead with a strong message about where they stood and how they planned to contribute. On May 30th, Glossier posted on Instagram that they were donating $500,000 across multiple organizations that focus on fighting against racial injustices: NAACP, Black Lives Matter, We the Protestors – the list goes on. In addition to this, they’re also allocating an additional $500,000 in grants to Black-owned beauty businesses (more info on this on their Instagram if you’re interested!). Money is important, but the timeliness of their statement coupled with a thoughtful way to use their money within their industry proves this is a beauty brand that isn’t afraid to take a stand.

Ben & Jerry’s

Who knew an ice cream company would have such a voice in the Black Lives Matter movement? Well, it should be no surprise Ben & Jerry’s stands with the cause with a tagline like “Peace, Love, and Ice Cream.” Ben & Jerry’s took a very strong and clear stance on where they stood immediately. There was absolutely no flowery corporate language to muddle their message. A post reading in large type “We must dismantle white supremacy” makes their position pretty cut and dry which we definitely needed in a sea of blanket statements. The brand’s Instagram links to a lengthy statement calling for reform in addition to noting they’ve been fighting for the Black Lives Matter movement for the past four years (which not many brands can honestly say). Their Instagram page has turned into an educational hub, providing resources and information for people to learn—continuously putting education and conversation above business marketing. If I’m going to binge eat an entire pint of ice cream, all of this makes me feel a little less guilty about it.


Okay, Sephora has seen some controversy in its day and they definitely still have a long way to go, but I think we should celebrate a true win that the brand implemented this month to help raise money for the National Black Justice Coalition. Any Sephora shopper knows that every purchase you make at the store helps you rack up points that you can redeem for new merchandise; however, the brand has shifted to allow customers to turn their points into donations. In addition to this, Sephora has donated over 1 million dollars over multiple social justice organizations. Finding creative and smart ways to get people donating to amazing causes is a wonderful way for them to use their platform, and I applaud them for taking actionable steps towards change.

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