How to date in the midst of quarantine

As if dating wasn’t difficult enough, now singles and couples alike have been challenged to date separately or confined together for an extended period of time. At least in modern times virtual dating can actually be achieved. What’s better is that this may actually be a blessing in disguise. Dating virtually will be able to indicate how well both parties are able to put in the effort, and being together in a space for so long may reveal how well two can work as one.

Video Chat

With so many people eager to meet someone new on dating apps, there’s more people logged on and swiping through than ever before. Now is the perfect opportunity to chat with someone new. For those that are having a good conversation, take it a step further quarantine-style with a video chat. Seeing each other virtually will allow a conversation without interruption, and it will demonstrate the effort of one another from a safe distance.

Learn new dance moves

When it comes to couples quarantined together, shake up the day with a twist on date night. Log onto YouTube or other sites that offer virtual classes and learn a few new dance moves together. This will give both of you the chance to exercise without going outside and something new and exciting to look forward to after WFH tasks.

Order in a special meal

Since staying in has had everyone cooking more, ordering in a nice meal would be a nice ending to a long day. Make it a point to dress up to make the evening more special and feel like a real date night. Top it off with a good glass of wine, and it’ll really feel like you’re sitting in one of your favorite restaurants.

Embark on a virtual museum tour

Since activities outside of the home have come to an obvious halt, NYC museums are now offering virtual tours for people to be able to see all of the exhibits. For anyone that’s interested in history, this would be a great time to bond.

Have the important conversations

If the relationship was new prior to stay home regulations beginning, then this could cause a grey area on where the relationship might be leading. During this time, it’s best to have the needed conversations to ensure no one is being led on and the right intentions are being set with one another. Without face-to-face interaction, it’s easier to have a connection fade away, so a date that entails important topics is necessary for its future development.

Watch Netflix together even if in different homes

Since Netflix is fully aware that “Netflix and chill” may not be the safest idea, the company has made it a point to roll out new features. Now viewers have the ability to watch movies together from the comfort of their own homes called Netflix Party. This gives couples a new way to bond over their love for action movies. Marvel movie marathon anyone?

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