What’s The Story Behind Kourtney Finally Quitting KUWTK?

You may have watched the recent “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode that saw Kourtney explode and get into a physical fight with younger sister Kim, leading Kourtney to finally call it quits on the show. What exactly led to this eruption, though, and what are the reasons behind Kourtney finally leaving the show?

Does Scott Play a Part? 

Not only is Scott Kourtney’s baby daddy, but he was also her first love. Their blossoming romance was openly broadcast on the show for years. During this time, Kourtney seemed happy, relaxed, and open to sharing a lot of her life for the sake of the show.

However, Kourtney and Scott’s relationship gradually began to deteriorate, causing them to split a few years back. Since then, Scott had a long list of girlfriends and is now dating Sofia Richie. Kourtney has also had partners but has been very private and closed about this, even with her sisters. Kim and Khloe stated in recent episodes that she shares nothing with them about her private life or relationships.

A Difference in Interests? 

Khloe and Kim have been digging at Kourtney for a while now, claiming she has no passions or real interests and isn’t as committed to the business or the show as they are. Kourtney has expressed that she simply wants to focus on her children and traveling but also launched her own lifestyle website Poosh last year.

Could it be that as the sisters have grown older, they simply share different interests and different lifestyles? Kourtney has often been known to share her love of organic and gluten-free foods, as well as living a low key life compared to Kim, who is heavily into fashion, social media, and her multiple businesses.

We feel whatever the reasons behind Kourtney’s decision, she should do what makes her happy, as should the other Kardashians.

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