Tips For Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Living minimally is not about living without anything, or even with as little as possible. It is about holding on to only the most important things to you, in order to de-clutter and organize your life. The purpose is to shift your daily focus towards the things that bring you the most inner peace and happiness, building a sense of consciousness about the things and world around you. Living a minimalist life isn’t the same for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be. The minimalist lifestyle is built on the idea that having a cluttered and unorganized life leads to a cluttered and organized mind, therefore ridding yourself of this clutter organizes your mind and life. Living by the principle that less is always more.  Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to living more minimally:

Tips for living minimally:

  1. Give yourself a clear goal for your new minimalist lifestyle

Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s goals when it comes to living minimally are going to be different. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you! It’s important to be clear with yourself about your reasons for wanting to pursue a minimalist lifestyle so you can hold yourself accountable while staying motivated. It is important to acknowledge that like anything, minimalism takes getting used to.

  1. Always choose quality over quantity

When shopping for clothing, shoes, home accessories, or really anything, it is important to choose quality over quantity. Unique pieces that speak to you will live in your house for many years to come. When you choose unique pieces, you add so much more value to these objects, rather than just buying cheap things in large quantities.

  1. De-clutter everything you possibly can

This is probably the most difficult step of them all, but also the most essential step to live a minimal lifestyle. When starting to declutter your space, it is best to start slowly. Start with the things you obviously don’t need, or the junk you have been meaning to get rid of forever. Once you have done this, and start feeling good about de-cluttering your space you can move on and start slowly filtering through all your possessions always asking yourself, does this bring me joy? Do I really need this?

  1. Don’t forget digital de-cluttering

In today’s digital age, the organization or our iPhones and laptop computers has just as much of an effect on our minds as do our home environments. Especially now that most of the population is working from home, we could all use a little digital re-organization and de-cluttering. It is important to go through your digital devices, declutter your camera roll from random screenshots or fuzzy photos, filter through and delete apps that you no longer use, and organize your files.

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