Four National Agencies to Help You Adopt A New Pet

With the quarantine and safer at home orders in 2020, many people who had considered adopting before are now ready to adopt. If you’ve been considering taking the leap and bringing home a four-legged friend, we’ve rounded up the four biggest national adoption agencies to help you find the cat or dog of your dreams.

Animal Humane Society

Likely the most well-known organization for adopting cats and dogs, the AHS was able to find homes for more than 22,000 animals in the past year, thankfully, because this helps free up space in shelters for more animals in need. From AHS, you can adopt dogs and cats, but that’s not all — they have rabbits and other small animals too. Plus, when you adopt with AHS, you get ongoing support from the organization. Select clinics offer free vet visits within two weeks of adopting and a 30-day trial with pet insurance, which many recommend keeping after the 30 days. Click here to learn more.

Bunny’s Buddies

This organization works to bring tortured animals over from China to rehabilitate them and find them loving homes. These animals are coming from slaughterhouses, meat trucks, meat farms, and off the streets. The organization touts an intense pre-adoption process that ensures the dogs are healthy, including a 2-month quarantine and vaccination process, among other health checks. Click here to learn more.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Lucky Dog isn’t exactly a national agency, but if you live on the east coast, you can make a Lucky Dog adoption work. Based in Washington, D.C., this rescue caters to cats and dogs coming from kill shelters and strays off the street. The organization rescues dogs from shelters all over the U.S. — and goes as far as Thailand and South Korea to pick up some needy dogs and cats. Adopters can expect a thorough screening process, but this ensures you are getting the right cat or dog for your home. Like the Animal Humane Society, the organization offers aid with vets in the early days of adoption. Click here to learn more.

Best Friends Animal Society

Based in Kanab, Utah, this organization houses around 1,600 animals ranging from cats and dogs to horses and pigs. The organization is currently offering virtual meet and greets due to COVID-19 to help ensure you find the right animal for your home. While the adoptions mainly occur at their Utah sanctuary, they have partner organizations all over the country to help you adopt, no matter where you are. Click here to learn more.

These agencies focus on vetting would-be pet parents, considering family dynamics, scheduling, activity levels, and more. Rest assured, the thorough adoption process works to help find the best human to match each animal. So, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to bring home a furry friend.

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