Let’s Talk About Fenty Skin

Is there anything Rhianna can’t do? Answer: no. The singer, fashion designer, and beauty mogul announced on July 19th, 2020 that she is expanding her empire—to take the skincare industry by storm. For years, we’ve heard whispers and rumors of a Riri-backed skincare line, and those rumblings are finally confirmed. In a promotional video posted on July 29th, Rhianna commented that she has been working for over 2 years on the line, “perfecting formulas and creating packaging that is kind to our planet! Formulas that work, and work well with makeup!” Rhianna is known for keeping the details of her business ventures under wraps, but here is everything we know so far about these brand new, industry-breaking skincare products:

Fenty Skin officially launched July 31st on FentySkin.com (click here).

When Rhianna does something, she does it right. Just think about how incredible her makeup products are. According to the trademark application from 2019, the skincare line is said to be made up of medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care, personal care products, kits, tools, and applicators. In a video posted to Instagram, you can see Rhianna using the Skin Start’rs set: a light creamy cleanser, a toner serum, and  a light moisturizer (with SPF 30—we love a good moisturizer/sunscreen combo).

Those three products are the only items available in this first launch. We’ve got:

  1. Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser (click here)
  2. Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum (click here)
  3. Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen (click here)

According to the trademarked products, we should be seeing a few others down the line with intriguing names like Buff Ryder, Instant Reset, and Flash Nap.

Did you know that Fenty Skin is made for men too? Rhianna paved the way for more inclusivity in the beauty industry with Fenty Beauty’s 40 shades of foundation, so it comes as no surprise that her skincare line strives to achieve and expand on that inclusivity. In an Instagram post by Rhianna featuring ASAP Rocky, the singer announced that the line will be gender-inclusive—meaning that the products work well for both men and women!

Fenty Skin products were made with sensitive skin in mind. An Instagram user commented on a recent post, asking how the products would work with sensitive skin, to which Rhianna responded that she made her products with her “sensitive skin gang” in mind. We’re in Rhianna’s gang, you guys!

Even though she has proven to us that she can quite literally do anything, there’s nothing Rhianna loves more than to keep her fans waiting and wanting more. This limited first release of Fenty Skin is already selling out, so you better get your hands on these amazing products now to avoid some major FOMO!

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