Five Summer Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

Whether you are enjoying your time at the beach or having a picnic, don’t worry about being without what you need to bring again. These are the five summer essentials we’ve always seemed to need in the summers past, and know we’ll need again in the future.

Guac Preservation Container

Guacamole is, without a doubt, one of the top foods/dips of the hot-weather season. When bringing the dish to a picnic or preparing it for a barbecue, preserve it from turning brown by keeping it in a container designed specifically for it. That way you don’t have to worry about going without the popular food or having to make it shortly before serving.

Our Favorite: (Casabella Guac-Lock)

​ – This brand has been trending all over the internet as the best dish to preserve avocados. It does not only that, but it also acts as a serving dish and is dishwasher safe.

Benton 2 Person Picnic Basket

Ready for a romantic outing? Whether it’s a private spot at the beach or a picnic under the starry sky, this basket has everything you need for a road trip picnic for two.

Our Favorite: (Wayfair)

-This picnic basket has an insulated cooler, so you can be sure your food is crispy and fresh when you arrive, and your leftovers are still cold when you get back home! It’s easy to transport with padded carry handles as well.

Hydrocortisone Hand and Body Lotion

Even if your skin isn’t necessarily burnt, large amounts of sun exposure can zap out moisture and nutrients if you are not careful. If your skin isn’t properly taken care of, it could lead to premature aging or other future problems. Hydrocortisone is also a great ingredient for calming itchy skin, which is ideal for fighting against bug bites.

Our Favorite: (Dr. Dan’s)

​ – This particular brand is packed with a creamy formula meant to hydrate and repair irritated skin. Dr. Dan’s lotion was made to help with itching, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

A Beaded Handbag 

The dedicated summer handbag normally goes back and forth between being made of genuine leather or something canvas. This time, shake up the texture and style by opting for a beaded purse. The refreshed look will have an outfit standing out from the crowd and it is light enough to pair well with a summer dress.

Our Favorite: (Club Monaco)

​ -Created with structure in mind, this purse is given noticeable shape. The pale pink color is trending for the season, and it’s subtle enough to go with an array of outfits.

Wet Swimsuit Bag  

How many times have we all left the beach with a wet swimsuit and nowhere to properly put it? Buy yourself a water-proof bag to give wet clothes a designated area for the commute. This simple tool will keep you organized and the car tidy – perfect after a long day in the sun.

Our Favorite: (Bag-all)

​ – This travel-sized pouch fits perfectly in a bigger tote and will have your wet swimsuit stored nicely. The inside is water-resistant while the outside is made of canvas with a chic design.

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