Here Are the Best Movies to Watch Based on Your Mood

With approximately one million streaming services available, it can be daunting to sit down and try to determine a movie to watch. Well, I’m here to help. As a self-proclaimed film enthusiast with a propensity for mood-swings, I’ve rounded up the best movies to watch based on your ever-changing mood. Get the popcorn cooking, and while that’s getting ready, scroll to match your mood with your movies.

When you’re feeling: Nostalgic

We’ve all had those days. Facebook hits you with a day that has a ton of memories for you to relive and all of a sudden, you’re looking for your high school yearbook and all your old diaries. Rather than reading what every single kid wrote to you in 2003, turn on a John Hughes movie. My recommendations: Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Breakfast Club, or National Lampoon’s Vacation. All provide an overall feel-good energy and seriously curve the craving for a nostalgic evening at home.

When you’re feeling: Anxious

This may seem like the obvious choice, but I can’t think of a better way to banish uninvited anxiety than with a comedy. Most of the time, if you can distract yourself, the anxiety dissipates, so injecting some humor into your night may just do the trick. My recommendations: Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde, and Clueless. Keep it lighthearted and classic. Chances are you’ve seen these movies, but a re-watch can be even more relaxing when fighting anxiety. You know what to expect and you can relive a favorite.

When you’re feeling: Introspective

Lean into that thoughtfulness. There’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit existential. Now is the perfect time to dig into something psychological and deep to pull out the detective within. My recommendations: Shutter Island, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Unbreakable. Psychological thrillers are my favorite genre of movie, even when I’m feeling light and relaxed, so I could go on forever with recommendations here, but these three will not disappoint. They are all entertaining from start to finish and have you guessing the whole way. If you want to get the gears of your brain working, these films will do the trick.

When you’re feeling: Chill

Not every mood has to be overwhelming. Sometimes, we feel easy going and want something to match that mood. For this, I’m going back to suggesting films from a majorly aesthetically pleasing director, Wes Anderson. His movies basically say, “sit back and let me please your eyes.” My recommendations: Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not only do both of these movies provide a great storyline, but you’ll instantly feel entranced in Anderson’s sensory pleasing world.

When you’re feeling: Adventurous

Needing an adventure but not able to satisfy that craving? No need to look any further than your television. You can live vicariously through these action-packed films that will transport you to lands near and far. My recommendations: Wild, Out of Africa, and Lost in Translation. All of these films offer something a little different, but at their core they’re all about taking an adventure that gets you out of your comfort zone.


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