Everyone Needs “Me” Time; Here’s What to Do With Yours

Today’s fast-paced world can put a strain on our happiness, productivity, and creativity. Sometimes, we just need a break, a time to push our worries aside and recharge our batteries. Here are a few ways to break away from the chaos and give yourself some much-deserved “me” time.

Take a Warm Bath
A warm bath can be a relaxing way to end a long day. Try adding some Epsom salt to remove toxins from the skin, reduce inflammation, and improve overall muscle function. Light some scented candles, put on music or your favorite podcast, sip a glass of wine or a hot tea, and breathe!
Take a Break From Technology
It can be exhausting and detrimental to your mental health to be constantly bombarded with the “perfect” photos other people post on social media. To put yourself in the right “me” time headspace, try hitting pause on your social media reliance.
Write in a Journal
Journaling is a great way to express your emotions and work through problems. This doesn’t mean you won’t need help from time to time, but journaling can at least give you a starting point as to where your feelings are coming from and why. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions and write down the answers!
Start Doing Yoga
Are you looking for something that’ll connect your mind, body, and soul? Yoga could be a good place to start. Yoga is not only good for the body; it can ease anxiety and depression, boost overall mood, and improve cognitive function, among other benefits.

Learn a New Language
Broadening your knowledge never hurts. Plus, learning a new language will make it easier for you to travel to other countries and practice your newfound skills. Fill your “me” time with as much practice as you can!
Take an Online Class
If you’re not up for a new language, consider taking an online class. From literature to arts, psychology, religion, and more, there are so many topics just waiting to pique your interest. Choose something that speaks to you and see where it takes you!
Do a Jigsaw Puzzle
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of assembling that final puzzle piece! Plus, many people find that doing puzzles helps them alleviate stress and prevent their brains from going 100 miles a minute. You determine the complexity, anything from super-easy to complicated, meaning it could take you one evening to several weeks to finish. It’s up to you!
Start Running
A runner’s high is real, but you won’t believe it until you fall in love with the sport! Start small and take a jog around the block. Over time, make those runs longer and see how far you can go. The open road and your headphones can do a lot for you physically and mentally.
Go Stargazing
Simply taking in the beauty of the night sky can put any stressors or anxiety to rest. On a clear night, find a quiet place away from the streetlights, and you’ll have the best view.
Visit your favorite café, park, or head to the best bar in town. Then, have a seat and start participating in the simple act of people-watching. Note: There is a difference between casually noticing the people around you and full-on staring, so be cautious of how you do this.

What activities do you do to fill your “me” time? Share them with us in the comments below!

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