A Step By Step Guide To Creating A Vision Board

It’s always a good time to start setting new goals for yourself. One way you can do this is by making a vision board. Vision boards are helpful because they are a visual representation of goals and dreams, and proper planning can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

By creating a vision board, you’ll visualize yourself claiming that promotion, creating that million-dollar product, or pushing yourself to greater heights. Here’s how you can create your vision board.

Write it down

Whatever feat you want to achieve, write it down in your planner or journal. You want your vision board to resonate with your goals. Otherwise, it’s just a board of pictures. Take your time and dig deep to find answers to questions like: “What do I really want? What can give me fulfillment? Where do I want to be in a few years?”. Only then can you go to the next step.

Decide on the type

Vision boards come in many different varieties. You can decide to cut out pictures and place them on your board, create a journal with cut-outs or index cards, or you could even go digital with apps like Pinterest. Whatever works best for you as long as your goals are well-represented.

Reflect on it

Once you’ve created the vision board of your choice, you should reflect on it and come back to it periodically. Revisit it and review your goals while reaffirming them. The world is filled with so many distractions. This simple act will keep you focused on your goals and give you a mindset to reach for your dreams.

Vision boards can be a great source of motivation if proper time and thought are put into creating them. Once you conquer a goal on your vision board, set an even higher one! That way, you’ll keep moving up.

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