5 Reasons Not To Send Work Emails At Night

Does this seem familiar? It’s late at night, and you promised yourself you’d send a work report before the day is over. But here’s the thing, the day has already run out, and unless it’s a work emergency or your boss wants to work on it that night, there’s no reason why it can’t wait until the morning. Before you’re tempted into making any rash decisions, here are five reasons why you should refrain from sending work emails at night.

What are the chances someone will read it that night?

Unless you’re confident your boss is working late, what are the chances they’ll go through their emails at night? Many people tune out anything that reminds them of work when they get home. They may not check or reply to work emails until they are at their office desk. So, you’ll just be depriving yourself of rest for no reason. And, by the time morning comes around, your email may get lost in the shuffle.

The timestamp

Unless your boss wants you to stay up working to get the email out, the time stamp on your email could show them your time management skills are lacking.

It can disrupt your sleep

Not only is it disrupting your rest, but it’s also disrupting your boss’s as they might get pings from emails late at night.

It could cause anxiety

You don’t know what people may be going through outside the office, and receiving a work email late at night could cause them to check it and respond when they don’t need to.


It’s late, you’re barely awake and trying to down coffee so that you can finish the email. Chances are, mistakes are going to happen. Rather than arriving sleep-deprived at work in the morning or giving your boss proof of your sloppiness, turn off your computer and hit the sheets so you can wake up on time to conquer the day.

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