How To Forgive Yourself And Let Go Of The Past

Holding on to past mistakes only limits your future experiences. This is because you always remind yourself of the anger, bitterness and residual guilt, and end up sinking further into self-resentment.

Forgiveness is a journey, and it takes every person a different amount of time to reach the destination. Self-resentment is not something you should wallow in, and to guide you on your journey to feel better, here are some tips to help you forgive yourself while letting go of the past.

Admit to it

No matter what is eating you up so badly, the first step is to acknowledge and admit to it. Depending on what it is, it could be hard to deal with, but telling someone about it can give you immediate relief.

Be ready for the consequences

One of the reasons you may feel so plagued is because you think you have gotten away with whatever happened. However, acknowledging one’s wrongdoings goes a long way to forgiving oneself. So, after telling someone about it, seek their opinion on how you can make up for it.

Practice affirmations

If what you did wasn’t a conscious effort or an accident, try your best to move on to acceptance. Remind yourself it wasn’t your fault, that you tried your best and did all you were capable of doing. Sometimes it may be hard to do this yourself, so enlist a support system. Doing this will keep the guilt at bay.

Turn the page

Once you’ve made peace with your past by making amends with it, you can feel relief and get ready to turn the page. You can practice a purging exercise that psychologically and spiritually rids you of all the negative energy that has been weighing you down. Once this is done, you can focus on living free.

Guilt isn’t something anyone asks for. It comes as a petty reminder of what you did, even if you didn’t mean to do it. Getting rid of guilt can challenge you, but it’ll help you love yourself again if you resolve it.

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