4 Netflix Documentaries You Need To Watch


Now has never been a better time to self-educate. With the internet, we have access to mass amounts of media and information — you can learn about pretty much anything your heart desires, from sled-dog racing to the work culture of French pastry chefs and everything in between. Sometimes it can feel like we have too much access if we don’t know what to do with it.

Information overload is a real feeling, and it can paralyze us when we’re trying to choose what our next documentary will be. That’s when you turn to lists like this one to make sure you’re getting the best information for the time you put in.

  1. What The Health

You’ve probably heard about this documentary already — it created a lot of buzz, which is only one more reason to watch it. This documentary on Netflix will have you checking ingredients next time you’re at the store. For anyone with a body, What The Health is a must-see.

  1. Minimalism

Another famous Netflix documentary, you might’ve skipped past this one many times on your way to choosing something that might seem a little more light-hearted, but don’t fear, this documentary isn’t as stark as the title’s typography.

Minimalism is partially a biography about two guys who made significant life changes towards a more experience-center life rather than material-center life. It’s an excellent documentary to springboard your journey towards more conscious consumerism.

  1. Explained

Can’t decide what subject you want to learn about? You don’t have to pick — just put on Explained, and this documentary series will choose for you. Explained dedicates each of their 20 minute long episodes to a different topic and deconstructs them with journalistic accuracy. You can trust that each documentary is based upon meticulous research because Vox, the news website, created the docu-series.

  1. The Creative Brain

Our last documentary on this list is excellent for everyone, but especially anyone interested in the arts. The Creative Brain masterfully uncovers all the moving parts of what makes creativity happen. The documentary interviews many artists, including Grimes, Kelis, Nick Cave, and Robert Glasper, on their creative process.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman created the film and approaches creativity from a deconstructionist lens, allowing for anyone wanting to infuse their life with more creativity to better understand the tips and tricks of professionally creative people.

Documentaries are a great way to keep yourself actively learning, even if you’ve already finished all your schooling. These 4 Netflix documentaries will undoubtedly keep you educated and entertained the next time you find yourself with extra time but don’t want to zone out with any old show.

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