10 Coolest New Music Releases This Month

February can be a slow month for new music and movies, but some stalwarts and new stars are showing up this month to drop their latest creative collections for us all to enjoy.

From punk standards like Green Day to electronic sensation La Roux, this month’s release list features massive stars (like Justin Bieber) and some recent trends like Soccer Mommy and Gigi Maisin.

Basically, the month of February has a little something for everyone where music is concerned. Here are our top 10 albums that we think you’ll want to be on the lookout for this month:

  1. Green Day, Father of All… 

What does Green Day have to say during the last year of the first term of the Trump presidency? Who knows, but, if history is any judge, we’re sure it will be politically-charged music, to say the least. The band is known for memorializing the September 11th generation in music with American Idiot, Father of All…it could be the album we’ve needed to hear over the past several years.

  1. La Roux, Supervision

Electronic sensation La Roux returns for more infectious pop melodies that are sure to underpin all of the dramatic and action-packed scenes in films for the next five years to come.

  1. Justin Bieber, Changes

Did you know there was a new Justin Bieber album coming out? If you answered “yes,” you’re officially a fan. What can we expect from Bieber? A more mature sound but those same addictive pop melodies, according to critics.

  1. Tame Impala, The Slow Rush

There’s nothing tame about this album as the legend returns for yet another turn at the songwriter’s table.

  1. BTS, Map of the Soul: 7

If you haven’t gotten on the Kpop train by now, let BTS be your guide with this album, one of the year’s most anticipated by far.

  1. Grimes, Miss_Anthrop0cene

Grimes is a love-it-or-hate-it proposition for many people, but this album is banking on you loving it and is geared towards evolving her sound beyond what you might consider being her trademarks.

  1. Purr, Like New

We have to admit, we’re pretty excited about this album, and we think you should be, too, as its title says it all. Purr is promising something new with “Like New,” and critics so far agree that they’re unlike anything else out there.

  1. Soccer Mommy, Color Theory 

You might write this off as some Billie Eilish inspired music, but it actually looks like it could be so much more than that. Given the reception Billie had at the Grammys, however, a copy of that wouldn’t be too bad.

  1. The Secret Sisters, Saturn Return

A more adult approach to pop music results in a fresh, nuanced album that we’re excited for the world to hear.

  1. Gigi Masin, Calypso

We think this album is going to be dominating playlists this year, but only time will tell if Gigi can pull it off. We think Calypso is going to be one of the major “sounds” of 2020.

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